::c.A.:: Polly



hair: !lamb. These Days (Mesh) – Washed Out
skin: .tsg. Luna in Vampy
dress: ::c.A.:: Polly *Green* @Funny Puppet Fair 2014
wing: ::c.A.:: Polly *Green* Wing @Funny Puppet Fair 2014
headdress: :::WEG::: Le jardin de la fille hair wreath(old gift)


pose: Bauhaus Movement – Michelle My Belle 1

Funny Puppet Fair 2014


 from :: c.A. :: chocolate atelier “::c.A.:: Polly “





::c.A.:: Polly

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  1. […] Just three sweet girls in the water at Black Kite. Please note that each of us is wearing parts of the Polly outfit by C.A. aka chocolate atelier. It’s new and is still on sale – if you’re quick – at a reduced price at the Funny Puppet Fair in Second Life. This event was supposed to finish on May 25th but as of midnight on May 26th (Second Life time) it was still open. If you miss the Polly outfit now it will be on sale in the chocolate atelier store afterwards but at a higher price. There are more details on Polly here: https://slycm.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/114/ […]



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